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We understand community and the importance of integrating your business or organization with those that surround you.


  • We take the time to become experts in your business and understand your unique situation.

  • We have non-profit expertise, including the unique challenge of working with boards of directors; from helping newcomers understand the basics like Roberts Rules of Order to the funding realities of running a non-profit organization.

  • Our detailed expertise in a variety of areas will provide you with specific analysis of the many parts of your organization as well as how they all fit together.

  • We are dedicated to you reaching your goals because your success is truly our success.



With more than 25 years of experience in key business areas in both profit and non-profit sectors, Dovetail Solutions provides the following services. 


  • Demonstrate to your stakeholders what they can achieve.

  • Run a strategic planning session.

  • Lead an executive, associate, or volunteer retreat.

  • Create and implement a Day of Renewal for your organization.

  • Make your next conference or event a worry-free success.

  • Manage your organization at a strategic level.

  • Advise on marketing and advertising strategies.

  • Help you see the very best of your organization, and how to make it better.

  • Create financial plans and strategies.

  • Get your team excited about their own potential.

  • Help your organization plan and achieve their dreams.

  • Write grants to help your non-profit reach its goals.

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