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Sometimes your organization just needs a fresh outlook. But knowing you need something and making it a reality are very different things. We can help. By bringing an outsider's perspective, we'll make sure your participants see themselves - and their role in your organization - in a whole new light.


Our sessions are designed to fit you and your needs. A little bit of time with a few key people will give us a clearer understanding of your organization's culture and goals prior to the Day of Renewal. While this isn't required, it will help make sure that together we address your biggest challenges. 


No idea is too silly and no objective is too big during a Day of Renewal. We can structure the day's activities and discussions in a myriad of ways to ensure an inspiring and effective day to help your organization get refreshed and recentered.


Whether we concentrate on individual or organizational priorities (or both), this is a low-key introduction to change, planning, transforming, and goal setting that leaves everyone excited and inspired.

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